Monday, November 21, 2011

Wave® music system

Well, if you're here, then you know that this is my brand new blog! I've been working for a while getting it configured, so i figure why not start of with one of Bose's trademark products; the Wave Music System.  This device will pump beautiful sounds into small spaces such as a kitchen, home office, bedroom, or bathroom. It's versatility is basically unmatched due to it's newly added integrated CD player, FM/AM radio, headphone jack, and even an alarm clock. Also, with an add-on CD changer, you can enjoy all of your artists in full CD quality audio. The Wave Music system uses Bose's patented "Waveguide" speaker technology to transport the sound waves from the drivers in the back of the device, to the front while eliminating almost all impedance from open spaces inside the device, like a normal stereo. This proprietary technology allows for the best sound quality, and preserves bass, and percussion instruments like no other device could. If you need to control your Wave Music System from afar, Bose has included a slim infrared control unit that blends nicely into any room. Overall, a great product from our friends over at Bose!


  1. i looks great i would like to have one of this at home

  2. This is your first blog? looks very profesional and clean, hope you luck!

  3. No, i have another blog! This is just my latest creation. Check out