Monday, November 14, 2011

The Bose Videowave Entertainment System

Bose is usually known for their excellent audio products ranging from earbuds to guitar amps, but one of their newest products is the "Videowave" entertainment system! Put simply, the Videowave is a tv that Bose has designed to hold high quality built in speakers. The screen is 46" across, and comes with a remote that Bose claims to provide "Unmatched simplicity." As for the speakers, you can see that  in the picture there are channels to route sound out of more efficiently. This allows smaller speakers to produce a bigger sound without cranking up the volume and distorting the audio. This also allows the tv to be thinner, and lighter as well. The picture quality is great with it's full 1080p resolution, and blacks are dark. So, the real reason anyone would buy this tv is if they were an audiophile looking for a compact package with great quality sound and video. Well, this product really delivers even if the pricing is a little (A lot) steep! Overall, this is a great product from Bose! ($5,350)