Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Panaray® System Digital Controller

If you're a professional performer, chances are that you'll need on of these. Bose produces some of the best speakers on the planet, so they should be controlled by the best digital controllers around, right?

There are three main things that this digital controller solution has going for it; versatility, maximum efficiency, and standard control.

As for versatility, this controller is based off of bose's DSP platform that allows you to upgrade the software on the controller and not the hardware once there is a new product out. That's a great money and time saver.

Efficiency is unmatched when using this device as it consolidates all control settings and system information onto one display. This single display system reduces troubleshooting time while setting up, and ensures a more accurate and immediate changes to system settings if they need to be adjusted. Also, the great 'lockout' feature prevents others from tampering with your settings once you're done.

Lastly, Standard control. The great part about this controller is that you can set individual speakers to different settings so that you can control exactly where you want more sound, less sound, more bass, more treble, and much more.

As you can see, the Panaray System is a feature packed controller that will exceed your expectations on the dance floor as well as entertaining a bar.


  1. Interesting stuff! Thanks :)

  2. Lol Man do I need that lockout feature!

  3. Your description is really breathtaking, it creates an urge for perfection! Thank u!

  4. i was looking for something like this the other day on a store, nothing where found.

  5. When will Bose Acoustic Wave XX be available with HDMI input for TV sound support and an expanded FM Tuner to hear the new interchannel stations?

  6. se ve interesante :)

  7. SoftwareupgraderfistMay 13, 2012 at 9:17 PM

    wow you can update the firmware!!!!! thats what all this systems need!