Monday, February 27, 2012

A20® aviation headset

One area that Bose succeeds in is, surprisingly, aviation. Now, what could they possibly do to benefit pilots? Head sets of course! The A20 is designed specifically for in flight audio, and they have been rated as the #1 choice for pilots year after year.

First, the A20 has been designed to reduce noise levels more efficiently than their consumer devices, and they do this through both an external mic and an internal mic that are used to monitor ambient noise that could distract the pilot.

Bose has even gone as far as to redesign the ear cups to provide greater comfort on longer flights. Now, larger, softer cushions are used, and they have changed shape to provide room for larger ears. Also, Bose has redistributed where the weight of the headset rests on your head to provide a more secure hold on all shapes and sizes of heads.

As for audio clarity, these exceed any device in their price range, as well as provide other great features that other manufacturers failed to address. Sporting built in auxiliary ports for audio input from mobile devices, or even a GPS device, and Bluetooth connectivity, you can truly see why Bose is so far ahead of their competition. ($1,095.95)